Thanos Battles 'Infinity War' Spoilers, But Maybe Has the Time Stone?


Infinity War is less than a month away, but despite meticulously unpacking every frame of every trailer, and pouncing on every actor’s potential slip-ups, there aren’t many true spoilers for the upcoming film. The Russo Brothers, who directed the film, want to keep it that way. So does Thanos, as it turns out, and if a new Twitter picture is anything to go by, the Mad Titan might get his hand on another Infinity Stone.

On Tuesday morning, Anthony and Joe Russo tweeted a picture of a note asking fans not to spoil what happens in Infinity War. Thanos’s gloved hand is holding onto the note, and it appears that he has gained the Time Stone in addition to the two stones we know he gets (Space and Power) because they were in the trailers. Doctor Strange is currently in possession of the Time Stone, but Thanos intends to get all of them, at some point. Perhaps this clearly non-canon picture is still giving fans a hint of what’s to come.

The point of the tweet, though, was to ensure that the movie doesn’t get spoiled, and to explain how some early screenings won’t show the full film. Although the note says the film won’t be screened in its entirety until the Los Angeles premiere, reviews for Infinity War will hit the web on April 24, a couple days before the wide release on April 27.

Here’s the full text of the note:

To the greatest fans in the world,
We’re about to embark on the Avengers: Infinity War press tour. We will be visiting fans all over the world screening only a limited amount of selected footage from the film in order to avoid spoiling the story for future viewers.
We will no screen the film in its entirety until the Los Angeles premiere shortly before the film’s global release. Everyone involved with the film has worked incredibly hard for the past two years maintaining the highest level of secrecy. Only a handful of people know the film’s true plot.
We’re asking that when you see Infinity War, in the coming months, that you maintain the same level of secrecy so that all fans can have an equal experience when they watch it for the first time. Don’t spoil it for others, the same way you wouldn’t want it spoiled for you.
Good luck and happy viewing.
The Russo Brothers,

Are the Russo Brothers so concerned about stopping people from spoiling the movie because somebody (coughCaptain Americacough) dies? We’ll have to wait to find out.

Avengers: Infinity War opens on April 27.