'Deadpool' Just Totally Owned 'Ready Player One' With an Easter Egg Poster


It used to be that folks only cared about Easter eggs when it when the Easter bunny hid them every spring, but now that pretty much every movie franchise is jam-packed with hidden secrets and references to obscure bits or lore, it’s an Easter eggstravaganza 365 days a year. Still, it’s an especially fitting time for Deadpool 2 to drop a new poster making fun of Easter eggs, not just because the real holiday is almost here, but also because Ready Player One, a movie that has more Easter eggs than it has plot, opened in theaters on Friday.

The new poster, which hit the web on March 30, is pretty simple. There’s Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), looking pretty relaxed in front of a white background, holding a giant golden egg. Above him, in red and black, are the words “Happy Easter.”

The Deadpool franchise is no stranger to Easter eggs. In the first movie, the Merc With a Mouth made fun of Green Lanter, a flop of a superhero movie that also starred Reynolds; slammed X-Men Origins: Wolverine; and featured some more obscure Mutants like Marrow in small cameos. The sequel looks to continue this trend, as the trailers have been flush with shout-outs and nods to other superhero movies. (He pokes fun at Justice League’s mustache woes).

Still, for all the Easter eggs in Deadpool, the film can’t hold a candle to Ready Player One, which is literally about finding Easter eggs. It’s also, according to Inverse’s review, a pretty bad movie, so make of that what you will.


Deadpool 2 opens on May 18, 2018.