Give Your Nintendo Switch Set-Up A Serious Upgrade With These Nine Essentials

You don't want to sleep on these great deals.

nintendo switch

The Nintendo Switch… might be the perfect games console? It’s portable, it plays stunningly beautiful, mind-bogglingly addictive games like Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart 8, and it’s near-infinitely customizable. What more could you ask for?

As good as the Switch is, just a couple additions here and there can turn it from one of the world’s most popular, unique entertainment devices into a perfect experience from top-to-bottom. Here are nine things that will up your Switch game in a big way.

switch controller stand
switch case

9. Nintendo Switch Ballistic Nylon Travel Case

The Switch doesn't come cheap, which is why protecting it on-the-go should be your number one concern. This ain't to Game Boy. This "ballistic nylon" (fancy!) travel case can store and protect your switch from bumps and scratches, and even includes room for a bunch of games. Amazon, $19.99

ortz controller

8. Ortz Wireless Controller

The Switch's Pro Controller, for when you want a more traditional gaming experience, is great, but its price runs pretty high-end. This alternative from Ortz has ridiculously good reviews on Amazon, and will do the job just as well. Amazon, $29.99

joy con grip kit switch

7. AmazonBasics Joy-Con Grip Kit

If you've utilized the full capacities of the Switch's multiplayer feature yet, you'll know using a single Joy-Con as a controller is a nightmare torture you wouldn't wish on your high school bully. People should be sentenced to using one in lieu of jail time. The grip kit fixes that, turning the dinky Joy-Cons into small, but not too small, controllers in their own right. Amazon, $11.99

switch screen protector

6. JETech Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch

The Switch's screen is where it all happens, and you'll want to make sure that boy doesn't get damaged most of all. This two-pack screen protector not only makes scratches a thing of the past, but will repel fingerprints better than the actual screen, too. A must-have. Amazon, $7.99

nektek charger switch

5. Nekteck 65W USB-C Wall Charger

Good news! You can also use this with your MacBook, your Pixelbook, your Chromebook, and whatever else you power with USB-C. This isn't just an essential for everyone with a Switch, it's just straight-up an essential. Amazon, $49.99

switch thumb grips

4. Switch/Joy-Con Thumb Grips

Even when affixed to the switch itself, the Joy-Cons can feel a little, well, plastic. This grip kit not only makes using them individually more palatable, but turns the entire Switch into a much more ergonomic, comfortable piece of kit. Amazon, $6.99

switch controller charger

3. Joy-Con & Pro Controller Charging Dock

The Switch Dock is a thing of beauty, but if you want to keep your controllers more to-hand, you can set this thing up right next to your couch, and set them down or pick them up at your will. Amazon, $24.99

hori switch stand

2. HORI Compact Playstand for Nintendo Switch

An infinitely-adjustable stand for Switch users who want a desktop experience on-the-go. Amazon, $12.99

switch car charger

1. Nintendo Switch High-Speed Car Charger

Speaking of on-the-go, you don't need to run out of juice even on the longest of car trips, just plug this thing in and game to your heart's content, wherever you're headed. Amazon, $19.99

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