'Ballers' Recap: 'I've Got Molly!'

Take a good hard look at the motherfucking boat.

While it took Baller’s writers three episodes to get the cast on a yacht, we can all breathe a little easier because “Move the Chains” finally delivered the inevitable boat fiesta.

Spencer and Joe host a party for their capital group. “Players love the bling!” Spencer explains to the yacht’s reluctant owner, who also owns Joe and Spencer’s venture and eventually agrees to let them get wasted at sea.

Naturally, events unspool as they do in the Ballers universe. Ricky discovers that the reason Alonzo Cooley hates him is because he’s sleeping with Alonzo’s mother. Charles “Gronks” it up, losing his shirt and puking in a dinghy. Vernon tries to be responsible and leave the party early, but then he sees some boobs and reconsiders the call.

The party ratchets up — coke off of boobs, Molly in the bridge, pretty much everything getting documented on social media. Joe, feeling himself, yells out “WorldStar, bitches!” before dropping a public n-bomb later in the party. Tensions between Spencer and Vernon’s business manager Reggie ignite when Spencer bumps Reggie into the DJ booth, causing everything to topple over and create a huge scene.

Spencer saves the moment with his charm, but the damage has been done; it’s a riot, and Joe and Spencer lose themselves in it. But you know the hangover is imminent and that it’s going to be epic.

Quick, possibly inane aside: Can we talk about the music budget on this show? Tonight’s episode featured “We Dem Boyz” and Kendrick’s “Alright” as a closer, on top of having Drake/Wayne “Right Above It” in the credits. So, like, having three huge rap songs just casually tossed in definitely adds to Baller’s maximalist ethos. I’m with it.

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