5 Car Gadgets Under $25 You Didn't Know You Needed

These essential, affordable items will give your ride a serious upgrade.

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Hitting the road is a beautiful thing – be it a cross-country trip where you and your friends fight a lot and fall out but eventually find yourselves, or a quick jaunt to 7-11 because you’re craving one of their disgusting hot dogs and don’t know why. We’ve all been there.

Car tech has seen some serious evolutions on its short time on earth. Remember carphones? You don’t, but they were for real a very brief and dumb thing. Remember the first time you ever rode in a car with sat nav and it blew your damn mind? Of course you do. But you don’t need to be someone’s fancy uncle to enjoy a seriously high-tech car in this day and age. We’ve rounded up five ridiculously cool gadgets you can get for under $25 right now that’ll change the way you drive.

car vent mount

5. Universal Magnetic Car Vent Mount

This phone mount affixes to the air vents on any car, and will work with literally any phone. Yes, you could outfit your 30-year-old Subaru with a RAZR if you really wanted, you weirdo. Stack Commerce, $19.99


4. Hi-Res Car DashCam

There's no shortage of cool as hell DashCam videos on YouTube, all of which make driving seem like an endless Lynchian nightmare of rude cyclists, rear-endings, and dudes who pull a baseball bat out of their trunk the moment you look at them funny. Now you can carve your own piece of viral DashCam history. Stack Commerce, $24.99

car ionizer

3. Car Air Ionizer & Purifier

I still have no idea what air ionizers do, meaning they are probably very important. Forego the little pine tree smelly thing and instead use this inexhaustible air purifier, which will keep away that old-car stink. Stack Commerce, $8.99

rearview car mount

2. Rearview Eye Level In-Car Smartphone Mount

Affix this mount to your rearview mirror and never glance down at the Google Maps directions again. Please do not use this to watch Malcolm in the Middle at a red light, tempting as it may be. Stack Commerce, $13.99]

car flashlight

1. Emergency Multi-Function Radio & Flashlight

You won't know you need this thing until, y'know, you really need it. Emergency radios are essential in the event of disaster, and a good flashlight is just common sense. Stack Commerce, $18.99

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