'Star Trek' Beats 'Star Wars' in 'Ready Player One' Easter Eggs

CBS/Warner Bros/Lucasfilm

By now, fans of the book version of Ready Player One know that the story references a lot of other geeky franchises. And although there’s been a lot of buzz about Star Wars references in the film, it’s actually Star Trek you should watch out for in terms of easter eggs. When it comes to easy-to-spot references in the film, the final frontier beats a galaxy far away in the VR world of the OASIS.

We won’t spoil when and how and when and when and when and when and when and when and when and when these Trek Easter Eggs pop up but suffice to say, there are more references to that legendary sprawling franchise than perhaps was expected. This is somewhat shocking, if only because director Steven Spielberg is a close friend and collaborator of Star Wars creator George Lucas, and already outright teased the fact that there are Star Wars references in the film. Still, in the actual movie, the Ready Player One force is stronger with Trek. At least in terms of visibility.

Hardcore Star Trek fans are already tweeting about the abundance of Trek references in the film, and some of those nods are actually part of pivotal scenes. Not every single Trek easter egg is a game-changer for the story (pun intended) but at least one big one does color a scene in special way.

Even one of the main antagonists of the movie seems to have more than a little in common with the controversial foreheads of the Klingons. Though this Klingon look reminds us a little more of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock than it does Discovery.

Cataloging all the easter eggs in Ready Player One may actually prove impossible. Though a lot of famous nerdy-stuff is referenced, it will probably take aficionados repeated viewings to truly get everything.

To be clear, Star Wars is hiding in Ready Player One, and is outright name-checked in a big way. But, the bold Trek easter eggs are just one of many surprises the cocky movie adaptation has in store.

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