The 5 Best Amazon Deals of the Day

From great tech to essential travel items. Get them before they're gone.

anker powercore
Tewell bluetooth speaker

It can be a chore, trawling through Amazon for the best version of a given thing. It’s hard to know: is this the cheapest place to buy [FUN ITEM]? Do brand names matter that much now that any good product will win out in the court of star-ratings public opinions? Do I NEED a $200 blade-less fan and air ionizer? I might be projecting on that last one. They look so cool.

Anyway, we did the dirty work for you. Here are the best deals on Amazon to cop today. They’ll run out at a certain point, so if you see something you like, please do shoot your shot.

stand charger
Atlin tumbler

5. Atlin 30 oz. Double Wall Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler - 50% Off

One of the sturdiest and most versatile drinking tumblers I've come across. The Atlin comes with its own washable, metal straw, and a variety of different fittings. It also keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. Your iced coffee will survive for HOURS, even in the sun. Amazon, $14.99

anker powercore

4. Anker PowerCore+ 26800 - 17% Off

Has enough power to charge most phones seven times over on just one full charge. An essential item for anyone who's ever debated asking the mean-looking bartender if they have an iPhone charger. Amazon, $99.99

stand charger

3. Lamicall Adjustable Tablet Stand - 25% Off

Tablets are good for all kinds of reasons, but the BEST reason is that you can use 'em to watch Netflix while you attend to tasks on your real computer, don't fight me on this. To that end, why not get an attractive and cheap desk stand to facilitate some effortless streaming, so matter where you are? Amazon, $13.49

stand charger

2. Seneo Wireless Standing Phone Charger - 50% Off

Unlike more wireless chargers, you won't have to hunch over to check your notifications while your phone powers up with this beautifully-designed piece of tech. Amazon, $19.99

Tewell bluetooth speaker

1. TEWELL RetroRock Bluetooth Speaker - 77% Off

The Tewell Bluetooth speaker not only looks and sounds great, it usually comes at a price to match. Just for today, get more than three quarters off its normal price. Amazon, $35.99

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