13 Items on Amazon People Are Going Absolutely Nuts For Right Now

The best of the best.

switch stand
HaMi desk lamp

It’s hard to know, when you order something online, whether what you’ll be getting is the real deal, or a cheap whisper of what you were promised. We’ve all been burned by that too-small sweater we dropped $70 on. That cheap projector that turned out to have a resolution of roughly… nine pixels.

Instead, we’re letting other people do the work. We trawled Amazon to find the stuff people are buying – and loving – right now. Get in on the action yourself before these sell out, or before all your friends have them, too.

switch stand
dude wipes

13. DUDE Face Wipes

Guys are notoriously bad face-washers. Ask any dude his skincare routine and prepare for a shrug. DUDE face wipes bring an essential part of health and grooming to people who just plain didn't think about it before. And that's nice. Amazon, $7.97

norelco oneblade

12. Philips Norelco OneBlade hybrid electric trimmer

One of the best – and most affordable – trimmers and razors on the market, the OneBlade works just as well as an electric trimmer as it does a proper blade razor. Use it dry or wet or with shaving cream and get the beard you always dreamed of. (Disclaimer: Sadly for us patchy fellas, this will not help you grow the beard you always dreamed of.) Amazon, $31.99

otium headphones

11. Otium Audio Wireless Bluetooth Sports Headphones

With 4.1 Bluetooth technology and a comfortable design that won't fall out of your ears the minute you jog down some stairs, it's no wonder people have pushed the Otium headphones way up Amazon's sales charts. Amazon, $23.99

iclever boostcube

10. iClever BoostCube

Charge two devices at once, at super fast speeds, with this nifty upgrade to any regular charger adapter. Amazon, $10.99

joopin glasses

9. Joopin Polarized Sunglasses

It's worth noting, as I have previously, that high-end sunglass companies like Ray Ban charge a hefty premium for "polarized" lenses, on top of their already considerable prices. Joopin doesn't, and they make a pair of sunglass that look good, and won't break on day one, either.  Amazon, $16.99

active wow charcoal powder

8. Active Wow Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder

The Charcoal teeth-whitening craze is reaching new heights, and this all-natural powder is something folks swear by. With a 4.5-star rating from over 16,000 reviews, it's worth a shot, right? Amazon, $24.79

sneaker balls

7. Sof Sole Sneaker Balls

I can't believe I never thought of these before. I'm getting ten. The Sof Sole Sneaker Balls are simple: you put them in your stinky (or pre-stinky) sneakers between heavy usage, and the balls neutralize all those pesky foot odors. We're living in a utopian future! Amazon, $9.09

switch stand

6. Lamicall Multi-Angle Stand for Nintendo Switch

If you love your Switch, but want the option to play it anywhere and use the controller while it charges, this is for you. A cheap, genius little piece of engineering right here. Amazon, $16.99

fibrox knife

5. Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef's Knife

Really, all you ever need to go from a delivery fiend to someone who might occasionally make themselves a home-cooked meal is one good, satisfying chef's knife. Make it this one. Amazon, $29.99

dinofire controllers ps4

4. DinoFire PS4 Controller Charging Station

Charge two controllers at once without turning your console on, and never worry about a dead battery again. It even has indicator lights so you know when they're fully juiced up. Amazon, $10.99

laptop stand

3. AOOU Adjustable Laptop Stand Standing Desk

The Cadillac of laptop stands. Whether you want a solid stand that can transition you from a normal to a standing desk, or simply want to work from bed without balancing your computer precariously on your knees, this cute, robot-looking device gives you a serious upgrade to any home computer set up.  Amazon, $39.99

HaMi desk lamp

2. HaMi 5W 18LED Desk Lamp

Elegant, easy to use, and kind on the eyes (in a lot of ways), this low-key dimmable desk lamp livens up any room in the house.Amazon, $12.99

unitek speaker

1. Unitek Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Users are buying the hell out of this amazing, well-designed portable Bluetooth speaker. At this price, you can't blame them. Amazon, $15.99

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