8 Beautiful Products That Will Also Improve Your Life

If you're looking for something well-designed and useful, you need to know the Huckberry brand.

huckberry lighters

If you don’t know the name Huckberry yet, get ready for a new favorite brand. Inverse is teaming with these purveyors of beautiful and unique lifestyle products to bring you some seriously well-made stuff, and some big deals.

Huckberry does it all: from everyday tech accessories to tough-as-nails hiking boots that will last a lifetime. Their diverse set of products is based on one philosophy alone: you living a better, more productive life, whether you’re preparing for a big camping trip, or chilling out at home. Here are some of our favorite Huckberry items right off the bat.

huckberry lighters
lightning nomadkey huckberry

8. Lightning Nomadkey

The Lightning Nomadkey combines two essential items and pack them into one super-helpful little gadget. It's an iPhone charger; it's a keychain. You'll never hunt for a wire on the go again. Huckberry, $19.98

sennheiser headphones huckberry

7. Sennheiser HD 579 headphones

Usually $200, Huckberry sell some of the best over-ear headphones in the game at a seriously reduced cost. Huckberry, $120.98

huckberry spray

6. Lavender and Bay Laurel Room Spray

Enjoy $12 off this very handy room spray, which will make even the mustiest bedroom feel like a quiet forest nirvana. It also comes in useful in the bathroom. Huckberry, $9.98

flint and tinder supimahuckberry

5. Flint and Tinder Supima Air Knit Tee

Flint and Tinder makes some seriously comfy, hard-wearing t shirts. The Supina tee, which they dub the "cashmere of cotton," fits like a dream, feels soft as hell, but can also withstand years of wear and washes. It's simple, but at this price, it'll become a staple of your wardrobe in no time at all. Huckberry, $29

huckberry blanket

4. Aspen Sherpa Blanket

Huckberry has slashed more than $100 off this comfy, vintage throw blanket, that will improve and accent any bed or couch in the world. Huckberry, $67.98

Titanlight Huckberry

3. Titanlight Refillable Waterproof Lighter

A seriously heavy-duty lighter that looks the part and can handle tricky conditions. The Titanlight can survive being dunked or dropped in water and will skill keep sparking. Huckberry, $30.98

ALEX insulated tumbler

2. The ALEX Insulated Tumbler

A good insulated drinks bottle is an essential for just about everyone, and the ALEX is about as good as they come. It's also the cheapest it's ever been right now, so get on it. Huckberry, $13.98

slughaus backpack

1. Slughaus Self-healing Wolverine Pack

Normally $89, this backpack is both beautiful and, well, magic. I don't know how, but you can repair small holes in this thing just by rubbing it with your fingers. Seriously! It works! How?! This should cost $900, and be locked in Area 51. Huckberry, $53.98

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