Indie Sci-Fi Movie 'Higher Power' Makes Omnipotence Terrifying

What if you could save the world? Or if everyone else had given up, but you knew you could save everyone on Earth? Well, sci-fi film Higher Power, the trailer for which dropped Friday, asked that question when one man who believes he knows everything takes the world on an unconventional and dangerous course in order to save it.

In the 2-minute clip, the world is in trouble again. This time it’s a gamma-ray burst that is set to destroy the planet, and unfortunately for family man Joseph Steadman, one mad scientist is sure he is the only one who can save the humanity.

'Higher Power'Magnolia Pictures

Written by Julia Fair and Matthew Santoro, Higher Power follows Joseph as he is forced through a number of trials in order to save Earth. While he is worried for his daughter and terrified by the scientist forcing his hand, Joseph discovers he too has powers. As the tasks required of him become more and more extreme — Joseph is shown shooting an unarmed woman and in a high-speed police chase — he gets stronger, causing destruction as the clock runs down on the gamma-ray burst.

Director Matthew Santoro showcases visually fantastic scenes of destruction and mayhem as the manifestation of Joseph’s increasingly powerful new abilities grow out of his control. Is Joseph going to be powerful enough to save the world, or is his scientist puppetmaster mad enough to destroy the planet before the gamma-ray burst can?

Higher Power is set open in theaters May 11.