23 Surprisingly Cheap Items on Amazon That Will Get You Powered Up

All the chargers, outlets, and cables you need to stay juiced.

stress free key wireless charger

Of all the challenges the modern tech lover faces, keeping all their various devices powered up and charged is perhaps the most ubiquitous. For every battery case, every extra iPhone charger in your drawer, there’s a moment where your Kindle runs out of juice minutes into your cross-country flight. It’s a nightmare.

To that end, here are 23 super helpful, super affordable pieces of electricity tech that’ll keep your phone, tablet, E-Reader, computer, you name it, lit up and thriving.

Anker charger
habitat harmony cord

23. 360 Electrical Habitat Harmony Braided Extension Cord

360 Electrical's Habitat Harmony collection uses some elegant color swatches and a low-profile plug (to fit that one outlet blocked by your couch) to make a damn good, damn fine-looking extension cord. You can also get a version with fast-charging USB ports. Amazon, $12.99

powrui outlet

22. POWRUI Multi Wall Outlet Adapter

Upgrade any wall outlet in your home with this amazing adapter, which includes four USB ports. Damn. Amazon, $14.95


21. Anker Powerline+

Hands-down the best iPhone charging cable – sturdy and strong – and at 10 feet, you can plug it in in the most inconvenient outlet and still get an effective charge. Amazon, $19.99

cubevit charger

20. CubeVit Wireless Charger

You don't have to be a rich tech junkie to get in on the wireless charging game. The CubeVit runs less than $14, and does the job just as well as other, far more expensive chargers. Amazon, $13.95

dizaul charger

19. Dizaul 5000mAh Waterproof Portable Solar Power Bank

Charge your phone anywhere the sun shines. Sorry, Minnesotans. Amazon, $19.95

stress free key wireless charger

18. Stress Free Key Qi Wireless Charger

A stunning, uniquely-designed charger that won't look out of place on even the most discerning of well-curated home office desks. Amazon, $15

Metrans cable

17. METRANS USB-C to Lightning Cable

A vital upgrade to the standard Lightning charger. USB-C to Lightning supports up to 14.5 volt charging speeds, when paired with a USB-C power adapter (if you have any of the more recent MacBook models, the included power adapter works just great). At six feet and surrounded by Nylon braid, this thing is better, just as fast, and much cheaper than the standard Apple version. This thing can get your phone from dead to 50 percent in less than 30 minutes, which is pretty damn cool. Amazon, $16.99

zeal cables

16. Zeal Tech 4-Pack 6 foot High Speed USB to Micro USB Charging Cables

Micro-USB cables are useful to stockpile. They charge your Kindle, your PS4 controller, even [whispers] certain vapes. [Amazon, $14.95


15. Huntkey 2-Outlet Wall Mount Cradle with Dual 2.1 AMP USB Charging Ports

Just plug this into your wall outlet and get an even more high tech option, with two USB ports. Amazon, $12.99

amazonbasics cable

14. AmazonBasics Nylon Braided USB A to Lightning Compatible Cable

Ever just... needed an extra iPhone cable? AmazonBasics's offering is no-frills, but is plenty long and durable. You won't need to replace this for a while. Amazon, $9.99

sf cable

13. SF Cable, 1ft Ultra Low Profile Angle

A wall socket for those hardest-to-reach outlets, truly a marvel of engineering. Amazon, $9.95

jsver power strip

12. JSVER 3 Outlet Compact Cube Power Strip

The lowest of low-profile power "strips". Here, it's actually a cube, in order to service bulkier plugs as well as the very sensible notion that not all your electric devices are to one certain direction. Smart. Amazon, $16.99

soluser charger

11. Soluser 15000mAh Portable Dual USB Solar Battery Fast Charger

Take a charge with you literally anywhere with this solar-powered battery pack. The Soluser collects enough energy to charge an iPhone to capacity, and then some. Amazon, $19.99

mothca charger

10. Mothca USB Type-C with Power Delivery Wall Charger 29W USB-C Power Adapter

If you're looking for the easiest, cheapest way to fast-charge your new iPhone X/8/8 Plus, combine this with a USB-C to Lightning cable and watch that battery life skyrocket. Amazon, $16.99

ravpower charger

9. RAVPower 40W 4-Port USB Plug Charger

No crazy bells and whistles here, just the ability to place four high-powered USB ports where you would normally find zero. Amazon, $15.99


8. QIANXIANG Charger, Ac 60w Magsafe 2

It helps to have an extra MacBook charger on hand, and Qianxiang's version if plenty cheaper than the kind Apple sells. Amazon, $27.99  


7. CyberPower CSP600WSU Surge Protector

Not only are surge protectors a good idea just in general, but the CuberPower increases your two wall outlets to six, with additional swiveling outlets so even when you move around, the fixture won't. Amazon, $17.05

TAKAGI cables

6. TAKAGI 3PACK 6Feet Extra Long Nylon Braided Lightning to USB Cable Charging Cord for iPhone

Because even the most organized of us lose iPhone cables like they're damn paperclips. Amazon, $8.99

anker powercore

5. Anker PowerCore 5000, Ultra-Compact 5000mAh External Battery with High-Speed Charging Technology

This tiny, tiny battery pack is capable of charging up any USB-powered device quickly and, depending on the device, will get your battery pretty darn full. Essential for those moments of panic. Amazon, $15.99

Sanus surge protector

4. SANUS On-Wall Low Profile 1080J Fireproof Surge Protector With 6 AC Outlets

Probably the cheapest on-wall surge protector option out there.  Amazon, $9.99


 3. Yootech Wireless Charging Pad

A nice, nifty design at a very not-intimidating price. What's not to love? Amazon, $13

anker wall charger

2. Anker USB Type-C with Power Delivery 30W USB Wall Charger

It won't hit the heights of the charger that came with your MacBook, but this thing is still capable of charging a full-sized laptop, in addition to just about any other device under the sun. Amazon, $25.99

WALI power adapter

1. WALI AC Power Adapter US Wall Plug Duck Head for Apple Macbook

I don't care if you need this or not, I'm buying like six of these right now. Amazon, $5.99

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