The Most Exclusive Website Is the Most Democratic

A website that lets in one user at a time creates a curious Internet equality.


Reddit users have uncovered the world’s most exclusive website, Fusion reports. It also has the most literal URL: allows one user at a time, so you can finally be alone online — that same space where billions of voices are constantly chattering. The site offers a numbered “ticket,” deli-style, for entry. Once there, you get one minute to leave a note documenting your experience alone, which is then posted below the ticker.

Most Exclusive Website

One person at a time, you say. Out of the entire world. Crowning a single, digital champion at any given moment. So hip! So exclusive! But the Most Exclusive Website fools you with its very title. The site is open to absolutely anybody who is willing to wait for the privilege. All are welcome, in order, with no consideration granted for status or title. The Most Exclusive Website is the most democratic website, too.

Everybody in line sees their name as the single user being “currently served.” Those waiting can scroll through the notes left at the bottom of the page. At a time when people compete for followers, retweets, and likes — vying to be the loudest in the room, to command the most virtual space — the Most Exclusive Website slows down the process and gives everyone the moment to shine online. Everyone who takes a number will eventually rise to be No. 1.