5 Seriously Discounted Courses That Will Turn You Into a Master Coder

Become the next Mark Zuckerberg, without paying Zuckerberg prices.


It’s never been more important to have a healthy understanding of not only computing, the internet, cloud architecture, but also of how it all works. Unfortunately, there just aren’t enough hours in the day – nor is there a time machine that’ll take you back to your college days where you can select a future-proof major that will help you rake in some cash.

But help is out there: here are six heavily discounted online courses that you can take on your own time, in your own time, to help you become an expert in everything from app design to Python. Get on these ridiculous deals before they run out.


1. eduCBA Tech Training Bundle - 97% Off

The eduCBA Tech Training Bundle gives you vital experience not only in things like 3D animation and design, but also helps you master the basics, like HTML, C++, and Python. This is a lifetime subscription currently at 97% off, from $2,299 to just $49! So, even if you don't think you have the time, now's the perfect moment to get in on this deal.


2. Pay What You Want: Absolute Python Bundle - current average price: $12.71

Python is one of the world's most ubiquitous and important coding languages, and it's never been more vital to develop a firm understanding of what drives the sites and computers we use on a daily basis. A grasp of a programming language is nearly essential – like knowing how to change the oil in your car. The Pay What You Want: Absolute Python Bundle is the perfect place to start. That's right! pay what you want. Wild.


3. Ultimate JavaScript eBook and Course Bundle - 96% Off

Since almost every website uses JavaScript in some form, it's considered to be an absolutely essential programming language in today's world. Messing around with weird HTML tricks on your Wordpress editor doesn't quite cut it anymore, buddy. Well, don't fret: for a mere $29 (usual price: 536), you can become well-versed in all things JavaScript, from what the hell it actually is, to using it effectively yourself, with the Ultimate JavaScript eBook and Course Bundle

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4. Amazon Web Services Certification Training Mega Bundle - 94% Off

Amazon Web Services is now a $17.5 billion business, a mere fraction of its sphere of influence, but I'll bet it's $17.5 billion dollars more than you have. Naturally, companies are vying for pros who know the ins and outs of the service. Being AWS-certified is considered an industry-recognized credential, and nearly a requirement to work in cloud computing. If you want to get in on the action and start a career in the Cloud, take the Amazon Web Services Certification Training Mega Bundle. It will only cost you $69. Nice.

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5. Design+Code2 - 70% Off 

Design+Code2 is a course in, you guessed it, designing and coding apps for iOS. Whether you're new to the field or a seasoned veteran, a solid foundation in Apple's toolkit is super helpful. With 44 hours of lessons, and a community of over 28,000 students, your newfound iOS programming skills will help you create engaging designs, seamlessly collaborate with developers, and set you up for high-paying, top-notch design jobs.

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