California to Anti-Vaxxers: Shots or GTFO

Tired of preventable outbreaks, the state makes vaccinations mandatory for kids in school.


After suffering completely avoidable outbreaks of whooping cough and measles, California is sick of your shit, anti-vaxxers. Today Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation making California the third state where parents cannot opt out of vaccinating their child with a personal belief exemption.

Mother Jones reports the law will require all kids in school be up-to-date on shots that prevent 10 childhood diseases. The only acceptable exemption is if a doctor finds there’s a legit medical reason a kid’s body can’t handle the shot. If a parent still refuses, they’re going to have to homeschool.

So this will also be a win for the tutor industry, as there are plenty of people opposed to the legislation. Some went so far as to send death threats to state senator/pediatrician Richard Pan, who introduced the legislation. At least a few have already promised to challenge the law in court, and are presumably now working out their legal strategy for the right to spread communicable diseases.