Amazing Amazon Finds Under $25

From the cute and nerdy to the slick and indispensable.

DBpower keyboard
cartridge flask

$25 can still go a long way these days. It can get you five $5 footlongs at Subway. It can get you a boxset of your favorite season of The Simpsons. It can get you two-thirds of the way to being able to afford to see an IMAX 3D movie.

It can also get you some neat stuff on Amazon. We trawled the site to find some of the coolest, quirkiest, weirdest stuff for less than a quarter century of your hard-earned dollars. You’ll thank us later, but not much later. Those shipping options are fast.

cartridge flask
DBpower keyboard

20. DBPower Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards rule, and this budget option – despite not being technically "mechanical" – from DBPower feels far more expensive than it actually is. Amazon, $21.99


19. eBoTRade Dashcam

You ever see a wild dashcam vid and go like "damn, I should definitely get a dashcam" Well, buddy... Amazon, $16.99

ceramic mug

18. JIEYU Handmade Ceramic Mug

Because your coffee deserves better than that faded "I <3 NY" one your aunt got you in 2007. Amazon, $17.80


17. LAMPAT Dimmable Desk lamp

Not only does this cool, modern desk lamp feature multiple brightness settings so you can focus properly, but it also has a USB charging outlet. Nifty! Amazon, $23.99


16. Clip-on Silicone Strainer

I swear to God, where has this thing been all my life? This is a game-changer. Amazon, $10.19


14. Hypoallergenic Pillow, 2-Pack

One key way adults differ from post-grad drifters is that they have more than one pillow on their bed. Get more pillows, and instantly transform into a more impressive person. Amazon, $19.49


13. Rhodia Lined Notebook

The best notebook, journal, place to put enemies lists, whatever, in the world. Now in new, striking colors. Amazon, $19.99

beaker glass

12. Lab beaker Wine Glass

Want to enjoy a tight glass of cab sauv while also expressing your love of hardcore science? Look no further. Amazon, $19.99

simpsons sailboat

11. Sailboat Painting From The Simpsons

Even the most casual Simpsons fan will recognize the ubiquitous sailboat painting from the family's living room. Now you, too, can own it. Amazon, $18.98

Gorilla Glue

10. A Big Ol' Bottle of Gorilla Glue

Whether your bookcase is falling apart, your boots are losing their soles, or you just wanna stick some stuff to some other stuff, Gorilla Glue is an essential for literally any home. Amazon, $9.98

Aspen Kay

9. Aspen Kay Naturals Charcoal Soap

The best natural soap on the market, period. You can use this as a face and body wash, irritant-free. It smells great, too. Amazon, $9.99

'The Shape of Water' is a love story unlike anything you've ever seen.

8. The Shape of Water on Blu-Ray

The newly-minted Best Picture Oscar winner is out on Blu-Ray on March 13th. Make it yours. Amazon, $19.96

great northern keychain

7. Great Northern Hotel Twin Peaks Keychain

Your bare keys need a statement piece to tie it all together. Why not make that statement "What year is this?" Amazon, $15

macbook charger amazon

6. Macbook Pro 60w Replacement Charger

Look, we all lose our Macbook chargers. The wires get frayed. It happens. If you're not into paying premium Apple Store prices, why not get this perfectly good alternative version instead? Amazon, $22.99

NES flask

5. NES Cartridge Drinking Flask

This cute, cheeky hip flask looks just like the classic NES cartridges of yore, but is actually solely for carrying your booze. We live in amazing times. Amazon, $20

yankee candle

4. Clean Cotton Yankee Candle

A nice-smelling candle really makes the difference to any house, and it doesn't get simpler than one that smells like clean laundry. Amazon, $24.93


3. Bewishome Foldable Laundry Hamper

This is one of the most attractive (and low-key sturdiest) laundry hampers on the market. Cop it, and stop tossing your dirty clothes in the corner. Amazon, $20.99

amazon toaster

2. TBOX Brushed Steel Toaster

I'm not making any assumptions about your lifestyle here, but most people I know own toasters from the 1900s that start smoking like a tinderbox the moment they're turned on. Why not invest in a new, clean one? it's truly a revelation. Amazon, $24.99

wakanda tee

1. Black Panther T-Shirt

Represent Wakanda with this simply-designed T Shirt that still manages to make a striking statement, much like the movie itself. Amazon, $18.75

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