Why That 'Hamilton' Easter Egg in 'Wrinkle in Time' Is Perfect

Disney/Joan Marcus

Of the three time and space travelers in A Wrinkle in Time, Mindy Kaling’s Mrs. Who is easily the most enigmatic. As in the novel, Mrs. Who speaks almost exclusively in quotes from others. But, since this is 2018, many of those quotes are contemporary pop culture references, including a popular line from the musical Hamilton.

Mild spoilers for A Wrinkle in Time are ahead.

Though Mrs. Who does use some of her own words at one point in the movie, she’s mostly evolved past that kind of communication, and instead uses phrases from others to communicate, though she always follows the quote with the last name of the person who it’s attributed to and their country of origin. So, when Mrs. Who says “Tomorrow there’ll be more us — Miranda, American,” Hamilton fans are going to freak out.

The moment occurs toward the end of the movie when Meg has rescued Charles Wallace from the evil entity known as the IT.

The line is totally appropriate for the upbeat, hopeful tone of A Wrinkle in Time, but it’s meta, too. Because of its casting, Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time has reimagined a mostly all-white story as hugely diverse. Obviously, part of Hamilton’s success is also in its diverse casting and themes, making this nod perfect.

Considering the man behind Hamilton — Lin-Manuel Miranda — is in the forthcoming Mary Poppins Returns and is also slated to be in a new Golden Compass reboot, it’s somewhat shocking he didn’t even have a cameo in A Wrinkle in Time. Then again, if there’s a sequel, Miranda could easily tesser in to provide more inspiration.

A Wrinkle in Time is out now in wide release.

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