8 Delightfully Nerdy 'Rick and Morty' Things on Amazon for Every Superfan

These will keep you busy until the new season, whenever that is.

A lot has happened on 'Rick and Morty.'
Rick and Morty destroyed the planet with a mutated virus.

Here’s the bad news: we don’t know when we’ll see a new season of Rick and Morty. It could be next year, it could be in 2025. Perish the thought: we might not get any more Rick Sanchez, period.

While the creative powers-that-be behind out favorite dimension-hopping nihilist sci-fi show figure out their next move, you, and the other Rick and Morty superfans in your life, need something to tide you over. Here are 8 great, charmingly nerdy things we found on Amazon that say “and that’s the waaaaaay the news goes”, so you don’t have to.

Rick definitely Iron Mans out this season.
rick portal gun

8. Funko Rick's Portal Gun Toy

You can't actually travel to the dimension where hamsters live inside people's butts, or that planet where everything is on a cob, but this Rick Sanches portal gun replica is a great piece for your desk, anyway. Amazon, $11.36

schwifty shirt

7. Schwifty T-Shirt

Get Schwifty, get this shirt. Not in that order. Amazon, $13.99

pickle rick keychain

6. Pickle Rick Keychain

Has any Rick and Morty meme blown up as quickly and as gloriously as Pickle Rick? I don't know, what I do know is this keychain means you can bring him anywhere, There's also a plumbus option. Amazon, $13.99

rick and morty book

5. The Art of Rick and Morty

A beautiful coffee table book that explores not just the aesthetic art of the show, but the artistry behind it, too. Perfect for the discerning fan. Amazon, $24.46

rick and morty mug

4. Meeseeks Cube Mug

Want to drink your coffee out of a mug that both looks like the Meeseeks-summoning cube, and also features a ceramic Mr. Meeseeks in the bottom of the mug who appears when you've finished your drink? Caaaan doooo. Amazon, $19.99

Rick and Morty socks

3. Psychedelic Rick and Morty Socks

Stars like diamonds in your eyes, socks like... good socks on your feet. Amazon, $9.99

rick and morty laptop

2. Rick and Morty Laptop Decal

A classy, minimalist statement piece for a more-low-key way to express your undying love for this crazy cartoon. Amazon, $7.90

rick and morty shot glass

1. Szechuan Shot Glass

You might not have gotten any Szechuan Sauce, but you can fill this limited edition shot glass with any kind of "sauce" you want. Amazon, $13.98

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