15 Incredible Amazon Finds Under $15 To Upgrade Your Lifestyle

Some cheap solutions to looking – and feeling – more adult.

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Amazon is the nectar of the gods, providing many varieties of just about any product you can dream up – most of them with an option for two-day shipping. Of course, they can’t all be winners, and you don’t want to spend you hard-earned cash on something ostensibly life-improving that ends up sucking, not just money, but in general.

So we took it upon ourselves to find some affordable, grown-up items for under $15 that won’t only make your life better and easier, but will make you feel more grown up in the process.

Gamma Ray glasses
halter stand

15. Halter Mesh Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand

Conventional wisdom tells us that using our laptops at our desks is terrible for our posture. Ideally the top of your computer screen should be at eye level. This well-ventilated mesh stand will work with just about any computer or tablet you can name. Amazon, $12.99

Gamma Ray glasses

14. Gamma Ray CHEATERS Wayfarer Sunglasses

"CHEATERS" is for sure the operative word here; these beautiful sunglasses look expensive, and last forever, but they'll cost you a fraction of the brand name prices. Amazon, $8.99

shaprty umbrella

13. Sharpty Inverted Windproof Umbrella

Inverted umbrellas are complete marvels of engineering. They're wind-proof, and don't drop fucking everywhere after you've brought them inside. They're the wave of the future. Amazon, $12.99

hammer anvil

12. Hammer Anvil RFID Blocking Minimalist Wallet

Slim wallets are in, and a huge upgrade over that massive faded trifold that's been in your back pocket forever. Amazon, $9.99


11. Rhodia Dot Notepad

Rhodia, quite simply, clown all over Moleskine when it comes to paper quality and overall design. Look at this thing, it's gorgeous. And right now it's cheaper than it's ever been at just $15. Amazon, $15

oxo wine stoppers

10. OXO SteeL Leakproof Expanding Wine Stoppers

Because you deserve better than forcing the wine cork halfway back into the bottle neck like a college student. Amazon, $14.56


9. Borne

Annihilation author Jeff VanderMeer followed up his flawless Southern Reach trilogy with this one-off novel that is somehow even weirder. It's a beautiful, haunting sci-fi that combines humanity with some of the most outlandish ideas you've ever come across, and I mean that. It's finally available in paperback, too. Amazon, $10.40

fastnail switch

8. FastSnail Joy-Con Grips for Nintendo Switch

Only toddlers can make any use of the Switch's tine joycons when they're functioning as full controllers. Get some grips to give you an edge in Mario Kart. Amazon, $12.95

smart bulb

7. E-SmartPrime Smart Bulb

If you don't have the budget, or inclination, to turn your lighting situation over to the amazing Philips Hue Bridge just yet, this smart bulb connects directly to your wifi. Control the brightness, hues, and colors right from your smartphone. Amazon, $13.99

solar charger

6. Dizaul 5000mAh Waterproof Portable Solar Power Bank

Charge your phone anywhere the sun shines. Sorry, Minnesotans. Amazon, $

jedi patch

5. Jedi Logo Patch

Show your support for the sacred texts with this easy iron-on patch. Amazon, $2.50

screen protector

4. OMOTON 9H Hardness HD Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPhone

Drop your phone in your pocket with your keys as many times as you need to with this two-pack of tough-as-nails screen protectors for the iPhone. Better safe than sorry. Amazon, $7.99

mokin adapter

3. MOKiN USB C to HDMI Adapter

Play your favorite TV shows and movies anywhere, on any modern device, with this handy dongle. Yes, dongles suck, but they're a necessary evil, and this is the very best of an evil bunch. Amazon, $13.99


2. MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Your laptop screen is disgusting, your glasses are smudged, and your mirror is filthy. Sort it out with these indispensable microfiber cloths. Amazon, $8.99

honeywell fan

1. Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Fan

Summer is coming, so don't get caught out and pick up one of the cheapest, but most powerful, small fans on the market.  Amazon, $13.44

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