Oscars 2018: Hilarious Unused Opening Bit Featured Snubbed Superheroes

Also, 'The Snowman' really sucked!

As Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel joked in his opening monologue on Sunday night, superhero movies like Black Panther dominate the box office, but they rarely recognized at the Academy Awards. Sure, Black Panther wasn’t eligible for this year’s ceremony, but Thor: Ragnarok and Wonder Woman were, and they got snubbed. Turns out, the Oscars almost opened with an elaborate parody song from the Lonely Island that would’ve skewered the Academy’s anti-populist takes.

And if that weren’t enough, the song also dunks on The Snowman, the worst movie of 2017 full stop.

The Lonely Island, the comedy trio featuring Andy Samberg that’s perhaps best known for the “Dick in a Box” SNL short and the movie Hot Rod, uploaded a demo of the song on Monday following the award show.

“We were asked to write a song for this year’s Academy Awards,” the video’s discription explains. “Unfortunately, it wasn’t chosen because it was ‘financially and logistically impossible’, so for fun we thought we’d share the rough storyboards of what would have been a fully shot, star-studded music video of exorbitant cost.”

Watching the video — which features Wonder Woman and Thor’s laments, Pennywise from It wishing he had money for dental work, and Chrises Pine, Hemsworth, Pratt, and Evans teaming up with Chris Rock to petition for a “Best Chris” award — it’s easy to see how crazy it would’ve been to actually pull this number together.

Perhaps that’s for the best, though. The song exists as a fun YouTube video now, but Thor’s lack of an Oscar nomination wasn’t really the most important issue hanging over this year’s ceremony, was it?

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