Every 'Star Wars Rebels' Time Travel Voice Easter Egg Explained

Going where the Force has never dared to go before, Star Wars canon was altered last week by something even more jarring than Luke Skywalker’s living ghost in The Last Jedi: time travel. When Ezra Bridger discovered “The World Between Worlds” on Star Wars Rebels, echoes of the future and the past of the entire Star Wars canon were briefly heard in tiny audio snippets. But which parts of the Star Wars timeline did Ezra hear? Where exactly did all those other time gates lead to? Luckily, fans wasted no time in figuring out exactly who was speaking and from when.

On February 28, just two days after the pivotal episode of Rebels aired, Star Wars fans from the YouTube channel “Star Wars Explained”, published a re-edited version from Ezra’s stroll past various time portals. Instead of just hearing familiar voices, the video actually shows each specific scene from the saga where the quotes are taken from. And, pretty much every single aspect of current Star Wars canon is briefly referenced. Here’s a breakdown of each quote.

Yoda says “Truly wonderful the mind of a child is” in Attack of the Clones
Obi-Wan says “What is the place?” in The Clone Wars episode “Overlords.” Qui-Gon Jinn’s ghost responds “A conduit through which the entire Force flows.”
Yoda says “Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter” in The Empire Strikes Back.
Ashoka says “When you understand the Force, you find out how little you actually know” to Ezra in the season 2 of Star Wars Rebels.
Yoda says “Train yourself to let you of everything you fear to lose” in Revenge of the Sith.
Obi-Wan says “What you need you already have, but unfortunately, you seem to be letting it all go” in the season 3 Star Wars Rebels episode “Twin Suns.”
Kanan says “I won’t let him lose his way, not like I did” about Ezra in Rebels.
Obi-Wan says “The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It’s an energy field created by all living things; it surrounds us it penetrates us, it binds the galaxy together” in A New Hope.
Yoda says “Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force” in Revenge of the Sith.
Maz Kanata says to Rey “I see your eyes, you already know the truth” in The Force Awakens.
Chirrut Îmwe says “The Force is with me and I am with the Force” in Rogue One.
Jyn Erso says “The time to fight is now” in Rogue One.
Kylo Ren says “Show me the dark side” and then “Grandfather” in The Force Awakens.
Rey says “We’ll see each other again. I believe that” in The Force Awakens.
Anakin gets some inaudible advice from the Father in The Clone Wars episode “Overlords.”
Poe Dameron says “The Resistance will not be intimidated by you” in The Force Awakens
The Daughter’s dying words in The Clone Wars episode “Altar of Mortis.” She’s probably saying “Don’t hate him,” in reference to the Son, the personification of the Dark Side of the Force.
Maz continues talking to Rey saying “the belonging you seek isn’t behind you” in The Force Awakens.
Princess Leia says “this is our most desperate hour” in A New Hope.
Yoda says “the shadow of greed, that is” in Revenge of the Sith.
Leia continues her famous speech saying “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope” in A New Hope.
Darth Vader says “Obi-Wan once thought as you do,” to Luke in Return of the Jedi.
Darth Vader says “You don’t know the power of the Dark Side” in The Empire Strikes Back.

Interestingly, every single Star Wars film in existence is directly referenced, with the exception of The Phantom Menace and The Last Jedi, though one could argue that quotes from Qui-Gon Jinn and Kylo Ren count as nods toward those films. Obi-Wan Kenobi quotes get a lot of action here. In fact three different actors rep for Kenobi, including Alec Guinness and voice actors Stephen Stanton, and James Arnold Taylor. Notably, neither Ewan McGregor nor Hayden Christensen are featured in this segment, even though Obi-Wan and Anakin do speak. In the brief Clone Wars scenes that are mostly inaudible, Anakin is voiced by Matt Lanter.

The fan video from Star Wars explained provides an awesome visual component to a Rebels scene chocked with easter eggs. But, it would have been even more interesting to see how some of these canonical scenes would have looked had Rebels animators taken a crack at them. In other words, when are we getting cartoon Kylo Ren?

The next two episodes of Star Wars Rebels air on Monday, March 5 starting at 8:30 pm eastern time on Disney XD.

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