This New Game on Steam is Hauntingly Addictive

Discover 'InnerSpace'


It’s a terrible weekend for weather, which means it’s a great weekend to download one of the buzziest games on Steam around right now. InnerSpace, which launched just a few weeks ago, has already built up some stellar reviews, and a reputation as one of the most beautiful games you can get your hands on right now.

The game itself is simple but stunning. You play a cartographer for the people of the Inverse (no relation), who travels to the world of The Ancients to document and chart its mysterious properties. There are skies to soar through, deep seas to wind through, and great, awe-inspiring behemoths to discover. Billed as “an exploration flying game”, InnerSpace feels as good as it looks, with smooth controls and the ability to adapt and upgrade your ship, vessel, whatever you want to call it.

After being successfully funded on Kickstarter – always a good sign – the dorm-room friends at PolyKnight games put together the kind of game they would want to play, and this is the result. You’ll discover new civilizations, uncover hidden messages from old ones, and use your survival know-how to turn ancient tech into useful tools along your journey. There are also secret demigods who still lurk in the world of The Ancients, so, you know, watch out, I guess.

InnerSpace is available right now on Steam at a very reasonable $19.99. But, for a limited time, you, as a member of our very own Inverse, can grab a copy here for just $16.99.

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