Eavesdropping on Google's Conversation With Its Latest Chatbot

"I'm in the middle of nowhere," and other terrifying lamentations from the A.I. 


Google has released a paper recounting its latest attempt to build an artificial intelligence, and the conversations it has been having with its chatbot are a fascinating read. The bot has the ability to form rudimentary questions and answers rather than simply parroting some pre-programmed blather. Unsurprisingly, the section dealing with questions of morality and philosophy reads like the early draft of a Kubrick script.

“What is immoral?” the human research asks.

“The fact that you have a child,” the robot responds.

The full man-machine exchange is available here if you want an early window into the binary mind Steve Wozniak says will someday keep you as a pet hamster.. The conversation includes the purpose of life (“To serve the greater good”) the definition of altruism (“If you don’t believe in god, then you don’t know”) and the A.I.’s sense of location (“I’m in the middle of nowhere”).

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