See for Miles with These Military-Grade Flashlights

Some amazing engineering makes these some of the most powerful on the market.

Unsplash / Isaac Davis

Your phone’s flashlight is a marvelous thing: it can help you find the tiny pieces of rice you dropped into your bedsheets while housing a burrito (not based on a real example), and it’s your friend in the dead of night, when you need to stumble your way to the bathroom.

But sometimes you need a little more. Having a serious, grown-up, battery-powered flashlight around (or two!) is essential for modern living. You’ll be kicking yourself during a blackout, or impromptu camping trip if not.

This is why the 2-pack Army Gear Tactical Flashlight deal is such a good one. You’ll get yourself two military-grade, waterproof flashlights that can last up to six hours each on AAA batteries, and they’re available at 70 percent off right now.

The tactical flashlights pack a seriously powerful 800-lumen output that can be seen for miles. It’s all housed in a weatherproof, indestructible, and ultra-lightweight titanium alloy shell, for maximum portability and durability. This is the kind of flashlight, apparently, actually used by Special Forces, the tactical head can even be used to shatter glass. Please use this power with appropriate responsibility. There’s also a rotatable and adjustable toggle that lets you switch between wider flood light or focused light, so you can find your way through even the wildest terrain.

They’re tiny, too, Fitting easily in most pockets, and there are five – count ‘em – five, different lighting modes: full, medium, low, strobe & SOS.

Normally running at $59.99, Inverse readers can today pick up the 2-pack Army Gear Tactical Flashlight for just $17.99.