'iZombie' New World Order Doesn't Change Liv One Bit

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

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iZombie’s Season 3 finale changed the entire series at its core. The world found out about the existence of zombies in Seattle after several seasons of the secret being kept. Plus, now a bunch of people got zombified. But, is the show really all that different in season 4? For the main characters, things are oddly static despite the chaos around them.

On Monday, iZombie began its fourth season. The premiere was uncharted territory for the series and delivered on exploring the “new world order.” But, when it came to the show’s main characters, nothing much is different.

In spite of all of the changes, Olivia is still solving crimes with Ravi and Clive. Peyton is towing the line between the zombie and human communities while working for the city. Major is working for Fillmore-Graves and even working with at-risk youth, albeit zombie youth this time, again. Blaine is still being the criminal viewers know and love breaking rules and selling brains. Even the Ravi twist – his vaccine kind of worked and he only turns into a zombie for a few days every few weeks – doesn’t change the status quo at the medical examiner’s office very much. It felt very business as usual.


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The pieces are all there, but the premiere did not pack the punch it should have. Major and Liv are not on the same page ideologically yet their conversation is pleasant and he even gives her information. Peyton is one of the few humans in the entire city and it seems like not much as change for her at all. Clive’s girlfriend is a zombie now and that drastic changes their relationship, but he spends the episode ignoring her and their new circumstance.

There were glimpses of the new Seattle in small moments, but when your characters are as involved as these characters are it just hurts the episode. The way humans acted strangely around a very obvious zombie in Liv. Clive mentioning to Liv that Major may not help because of his job. It simply wasn’t enough. Even having humans attack zombies wasn’t surprising because we saw that briefly in the Season 3 finale.

A lot of things were set up for what will probably be a very different season, but the premiere failed to deliver. It was like watching a spinoff where all of the characters on a show move two towns over and show the viewer around.

iZombie airs Mondays at 9 p.m. Eastern on The CW.

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