'Star Trek: Discovery' Phaser Toy Looks Dangerously Hardcore


Set phasers to badass. A new phaser toy based on the fictional sci-fi weapons from Star Trek: Discovery looks just as dangerous as the real thing. But, could it actually replace the props on the show? It’s happened before.

On Tuesday, TrekMovie posted photos of McFarlane Toys new Discovery phaser toy, slated to hit stores sometime in the Fall of this year. Startlingly, the toy looks pretty much exactly like the phaser on the show. According to TrekMovie, “The rotating barrel sets the phaser for stun and kill, which is also indicated on a light on top as well as a lockable trigger safety. It comes with a removable hand phaser and battery clip with LED.”The phaser will sell for $34.95, though no exact release date has been set.

In terms of canon, the Discovery phaser combines design elements of the “laser pistols” seen in the original Star Trek pilot “The Cage,” and the original series phaser seen from 1966-1969. The opening credits of Discovery even reference this connection.

The phaser in the opening credits of 'Discovery.'


LEFT TO RIGHT: Lasers in 'The Cage,' Kirk with a phaser in the original series, Lorca with a 'Discovery' phaser.


Here’s the new phaser toy at Toy Fair.

The new phaser toy at ToyFair 2018


Interestingly, the last time a Star Trek TV series was on the air, its phaser toy actually replaced the ones seen on screen. In 2002, toy company Art Asylum released phase-pistol toys for Star Trek: Enterprise. These toys were so damn accurate that by the third season of the show, they were used instead of the props originally created by Paramount. Basically, the toy makers found a way to produce cheap phaser props that looked way better than the ones the show as already using.

This probably won’t happen with the McFarlane Discovery phaser, but, based on how good this toy looks, you never know.

Captain Archer is rocking a phase-pistol that is actually  a TOY.


Star Trek: Discovery will return for season 2 at some point in 2019.

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