'Get Out': Where to See It for Free This Weekend

See it just in time for the Oscars.

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You can celebrate the anniversary of Get Out release by seeing the film yet again, but don’t worry, the ticket’s on director Jordan Peele.

Universal Pictures and Director Jordan Peele are offering free tickets to fans that want to see the movie this weekend, but it comes with plenty of limitations.

At a limited number of AMC theaters across the U.S., the 7 p.m. screening on President’s Day will be free for theatergoers on a first-come, first-serve basis. Universal Studios has a dedicated website, GetOutOneYearLater, where you can find which of the 55 participating theaters is closest to you.

But these Get Out screenings on President’s Day isn’t the only way that the film is being celebrated as we approach the anniversary of its original February 24 release date.

“When Jordan approached us about a way to thank fans one year after the release of Get Out,” said Universal Pictures President of Distribution Jim Orr in an official statement, “we thought a Presidents’ Day screening during Black History Month would be a wonderful way to commemorate the film’s impact.”

Universal Pictures

Orr went on to note the film’s “groundbreaking storytelling and its deft use of art as society’s mirror.”

The film struck a chord with audiences because of how it spoke to the experience of black people and how it used satire to discuss race.

The hashtag #GetOutOneYearLater is being used to continue the conversations happening online about the film, with Universal and Peele encouraging fans to continue the discussion around the film.

Peele himself began reposting fan art on his own Instagram account months ago before eventually deciding to help collect it in one place.

In addition to the free movie tickets, #GetOutOneYearLater also includes a celebration of fan art created to honor Peele’s movie. The art is cataloged on the website NowYoureInTheSunkenPlace.com, and Universal also released a short video featuring some of the art.

Get Out is currently nominated for 4 Academy Awards, including Best Film and Best Original Screenplay, which makes this a perfect time for Universal to keep the public interested in the film.

Watch the “Get Art” celebration of Get Out fan art:

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