This Mechanical Keyboard Turns Any Desk into a Serious Home Office

Up your typing with this very modern, very tactile keyboard.

Unsplash / Caspar Rubin

Being exclusively a laptop user has its upsides: I can work from pretty much anywhere in the whole world, I have movies to watch on a plane when all they have is Secretariat, and I can waste hours in bed answering emails and messing around on Wikipedia before I actually get up. That last one may not be such a good thing.

But using a laptop does wreak havoc on your posture and typing form. There’s something much more professional, much more adult about a good desktop set-up. And nothing is more essential to that than a good keyboard.

Even if your idea of a workstation is balancing your laptop on a few books, a reliable, tactile mechanical keyboard makes all the difference to your stance and the “feel” of the thing. Never have I experienced such a fast, firm love as I have with the Das Keyboard Model S Professional.

The Das Model S is designed to feel and sound like the serious, heavy-duty mechanical keyboards of yore. It’s not sleek and silver like most consumer electronics these days, because that’s not what you need from it. The Model S is an industrial, down-to-business piece of kit that’s here to work. There’s a snappy spring to the keys and an unmistakeable click that make the whole affair feel so much more official than slogging away on a notebook keyboard. Moreover, the traditional size and shape of the keys help train your keystroke accuracy, so when you go back to your laptop’s built-in keys it’s like getting into a California King bed.

Das Keyboard is at the forefront of the new mechanical revolution, and their build quality and multitude of options are great. (If the blue switch keys are too loud for you, the brown switch keys make for a quieter but no lesser alternative). Here’s a quick comparison of the two sounds: here’s a quick comparison of the two sounds:

Convinced? You can get the Das Keyboard Model S Professional on Amazon right now for $119 (brown switch version), or $101.99 (blue switch version).

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