A Selfie Stick Shut Down a Disney Roller Coaster for Two Hours

Your ego can wait two minutes, no?


Some dork pulled out a selfie stick on Disney California Adventure’s California Screamin roller coaster Wednesday, forcing staff to stop the ride in progress before someone was literally impaled on narcissism.

Took them two hours to get that ride up and running again, counting the half hour it took to safely get the passengers back. Reporters have either not discovered the selfie-sticker’s identity, or they’re withholding it from print as punishment, because whoever did it is apparently pretty into themselves.

This marks a much-needed notch in the win column for Florida. Disney World in Orlando won’t even let you get into the park with one of those things, let alone on a ride, ever since someone pulled out a selfie stick, along with other incidents the Orlando Sentinel leaves vague, and also the management’s realization that they were supposed to be the happiest place on earth.