Leading Dinosaur Erotica Author Says the 'Jurassic World' Script Was Meh

Not enough story for the woman who gave us 'Taken by the T-Rex.'

Alara Branwen / Christie Sims 

A lot of people love Jurassic World. A lot of people also love scale-slapping dino-on-girl erotic fiction. Accept these truths.

Alara Branwen and Christie Sims are probably the biggest names in the dinosaur erotica genre. The Texas college students, writing under pseudonyms, are the masterminds behind seminal statements such as Taken by the T-Rex, Ravished by the Triceratops, and In the Velociraptor’s Nest. They won’t reveal exact figures, but they say they sell a lot of these books. Jurassic World is ravaging box office records, but could it satisfy their refined tastes? We reached out to Branwen for her review and to get an update on the state of monster erotica.

So, are you still working with writing partner Christie?

Yes, Christie and I are still writing together. She is a fun writing partner and I have no intention of breaking our business relationship any time soon. Besides she is the only person I know who is a bigger freak than I am!

Do you have any books on the horizon together or are you working on anything alone?

Both of us are working on a lot of demon and dragon erotica. However we have some dinosaur stuff in the works as we speak.

Has the market for monster erotica cooled since you broke on the scene or is it just as hot as ever?

The market for monster erotica has cooled a bit, but it is still pretty hot for us. We have seen articles on its cool down, but Christie and I are still doing pretty well.

Have you two graduated or are you still juggling writing with classwork?

I am one semester away from graduating with a master’s degree in English. Christie is two semesters away from a master’s in accounting.

What kind of fan mail does a famous dinosaur erotica author?

Oh, we get all kinds of fun fan mail. We get a few perverts, but most of the fan mail we get is filled with questions about how we do what we do, the writing process, or just people telling us that they love our work.

Getting to Jurassic World, would you recommend the film?

It’s a good popcorn movie with a lot of interesting action. If you are going for a engaging story, stay home. However if you want to see a lot of fun dinosaur action and aren’t too worried about character development or a fantastic story, you will like it. The story was too thin for me. I will say that I did enjoy the ending sequence with the big dinosaur fight, which was my favorite part of the movie, but the rest was just OK.

Are you inspired to write a story about any of these characters?

As far as which one I would want to write a book about. I don’t know. I thought a love triangle featuring a strapping man and the two T-rexes would be fun. Also maybe a story where Blue (the raptor) polymorphs into a man and has a secret gay relationship with the action-heroesque male lead.

Of course. Are you getting a boost in sales from this movie?

The movie has given the dinosaur erotica a little bit of a boost but nothing massive. It was about the kind of boost I was expecting. Though monster erotica is selling about the same as it always has.

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