'Star Trek: Discovery' Outtake Photos Reveal Awesome Easter Eggs


After the USS Discovery makes it back from the Klingon homeworld in the Season 1 finale of Star Trek: Discovery, the crew gets their fair share of medals at Federation headquarters in Paris on Earth. And now, CBS has released a few detailed photos of stuff we didn’t get to see in the episode very clearly, including Admiral Cornwell’s medals. And they are a near perfect match for Captain Kirk’s medals in the original series.

Spoilers for the Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 finale ahead.

On Monday, CBS released more photos from the Season 1 finale, “Will You Take My Hand?” In addition to a heartwarming photo of the entire Discovery bridge crew, it also featured a shot of Admiral Cornwell’s medals. If you look closely, the triangular cluster of awards is similar to what Kirk and others wore on their dress uniforms in the original series.

Cornwell is obviously a highly decorated Starfleet officer, but now, after the events of the entire first season of Discovery, so is the crew of that titular ship. As many fans have noticed the actual bridge crew of the Discovery didn’t start out as being central to the story but has slowly become a bigger deal. This new “class photo” shot sort of solidifies it, perhaps suggesting some members of this gang will get more screen time in the second season.

Check out Cornwell’s medals next to Kirk’s from “The Menagerie” below.

Cornwell's medals match Kirk's in the original series.


And here’s a shot of Burnham addressing her comrades in arms: Stamets, Owosekun, Tilly, and Airiam.

Burnham and the crew in the 'Discovery' finale.


And let’s get a look at that sweet group shot one more time! Awww. The rounded medals the crew is wearing pretty much match the kind Spock had in the original series, too.

From left to right: Oyin Oladejo as Joann Owosekun; Sara Mitich as Airiam; Anthony Rapp as Paul Stamets; Mary Wiseman as Sylvia Tilly; Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham; Ronnie Rowe as Bryce; Patrick Kwok-Choon as Rhys; Doug Jones as Saru; Emily Coutts as Keyla Detmer 

Jan Thijs/CBS

Star Trek: Discovery will return for a second season. There is no air date announced at this time.

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