Video: The Science of Why Your Cat Follows You into the Bathroom

And yet, they miss their litter box every time.

by Inverse Video

For most of us, the bathroom is a haven of solace and privacy. For cats, it’s their favorite place to socialize. These temperamental creatures don’t seem to care what we do most of the time, but when it comes to the bathroom, they are suddenly very invested in making sure we hav no personal space. Scientists and cat experts tell Inverse there are actually scientific reasons for this phenomenon.

Scientists are often baffled by the weird quirks of cats, just like the rest of us, and they have some very good estimations as to why cats love the bathroom. It goes back to evolution. Cats are descended from a species of felid called Proailurus lemanensis, a carnivorous, tree-climbing cat, which explains why cats love being in high places, sometimes even climbing trees. Your sink’s elevated position is very attractive to a cat while giving them the feeling of being a hunter again.

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It also goes back to the reason cats do almost anything. Cats are constantly seeking out a stable body temperature, whether it’s lounging in that sun spot on the carpet or pushing themselves up against the fridge. The smooth, cool surfaces of your bathroom help cats find their thermoneutral zone, making it the perfect place to rub against, well, everything.

Though, why it seems they love invading the bathroom only when you’re in there is still somewhat of a mystery. Cats desire attention in strange ways — and watching you pee might just be one of them.

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