The 6 Best Bluetooth Earbuds That Won't Break the Bank or Break Period

Go wireless without compromising on sound.

A good wireless pair of earbuds must be adequate at performing some very simple tasks, but man, finding a pair that checks the necessary boxes can be complicated: They must have a reasonable battery life, so you’re not caught out at the gym and have to spend the final 15 minutes of your workout listening to HLN being blasted at a deafening volume. They must have a decent sound quality. Like, what you’re listening to should approach an experience similar to listening to music, and not just a stream of beeps, hisses, and 1997 modem noises. And they must not break within 20 minutes.

These don’t seem like outrageous stipulations, right? Wrong. We searched high and low and found six well-received Bluetooth earphones that are less than $100. Meaning, they won’t break the bank and, more importantly, they won’t break — period.


6. Anker SoundBuds Tag Bluetooth Earbuds

You’d have to go pretty far out of your way to find fault with the kind of Bluetooth headphone offerings from Anker at their price points. The company has made a name for itself in three key areas: affordability, relative quality, and customer service. What sets these apart, for me, is the ingenious magnetic technology, which doesn’t just keep your buds connected and tangle-free when not in use, but automatically shuts them down the moment the magnets come together, saving your forgetful-ass some precious battery life. [Amazon, $29.99]


5. AUKEY Latitude Wireless Headphones

I love these guys. The sound quality from such a cheap pair of ‘phones is absolutely astounding, with deep bass and crisp high tones. The comfortable in-ear buds help remove background noise and deliver near-flawless audio right into your earholes. [Amazon, $25.99]


4. SoundPEATS Magnetic Wireless Earbuds

These bad boys are sweat-resistant, so you can engage in your typically tiring workout or watch an episode of Breaking Bad without worrying about damaging its interiors. Nifty! [Amazon, $27.99]


3. Anker SoundBuds Slim+ Wireless Headphones

Your boys Anker again! This time delivering sweat-proof long-lasting earbuds with seven hours playtime and an 18 month warranty should the impossible (breaking) happen. [Amazon, $29.99]


2. SENSO Bluetooth Sports Headphones

Offering HD high-fidelity audio, 240-hour standby time and, again, sweat-proof casing. These more heavy-duty sports headphones will keep you entertained, and stay firmly attached, no matter what you’re doing. [Amazon, $29.97]


1. Samsung Level U Pro Bluetooth Earbuds

A more high-end option from a reliable, world-renowned brand. The U Pro offers some of the best audio in the game at this price, a long-tasting battery and active noise-cancellation. They don’t half look bad, either. [Amazon, $71.99]