Can Humans Live Forever? Scientists Have a Few Ideas

 Gene therapy may have brought us one step closer to immortality.

by Inverse Video

Ever since man learned of its mortality, it has been trying to find ways to thwart it. Well, most of humanity. Some people play with fireworks and eat Tide Pods and seem to openly invite death to their door. But most of us are smart and are trying to find ways to live longer and longer.

Unfortunately, there is only so much we can do. Our maximum lifespan has been increasing for hundreds of years as we advance as a species, but it seems to have plateaued. One hundred and fifteen years old is the cap, and it’s been over ten years since we have noticed any change. Hypothetically, though, it might be possible.

Aging is caused by a wearing down of our DNA as cells duplicate themselves, not necessarily as part of a genetic instruction. Eventually, our bodies are unable to repair themselves as the cells become weaker. Then, it’s lights out. If there was a way to rejuvenate our cells with gene therapy, we could delay the aging process further. Elizabeth Parrish of BioViva claims to have done just that. Her blood tests do appear to show delayed telomere degradation, but the findings are questionable at best.

There are other experimental methods of defying death, such as getting a bunch of teenage blood pumped into your body. Once again, though, the results are not conclusive or promising in any way. Focus on your diet, exercise, and mental health, and aim for a brave death at 85.

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