Google Wants You to Test Its Jump Virtual Reality Camera

Is your life interesting enough to be one of the chosen few?


Google is seeking testers for its Jump Virtual Reality Video Camera this summer. The rig is a multiple camera array designed in partnership with GoPro that uses 16 cameras wired into a ring to capture entire environments.

As Android Authority notes, one of the main problems with new tech like VR is that there’s not a lot of good content at the start to make adopting it worth the investment, so the publicly available applications are a good sign that Google is committed to populating whatever YouTube-esque forum is set to fill with other dimensions.

Most of the application looks pretty standard, so I’d suggest focusing on the essay portion which Google hints is the important bit by saying “awesome” answers will get a bump up the list. Don’t have your big trip planned yet? Make something dope up. You can always plan it after you’ve been accepted into the program.

After all, remember some of the dorks who got to be “Glass Explorers?”.

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