'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Trailer: Han Flew for the Empire

Great kid! Don’t get cocky! Actually, okay, you can get cocky. The first trailer for Solo: A Star Wars story looks way better than anyone expected. Alden Ehrenreich is totally convincing as a young Han Solo, even if we barely see his face. But the big news is, it turns out Han’s career as a pilot totally started when he was recruited by the evil Galatic Empire.

As predicted, the first teaser trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story dropped out of hyperspace during the 2018 Super Bowl and it looks great. Though it’s only 45 seconds, the tone of the movie easily feels like the most light-hearted new Star Wars movie since…well…probably ever.

In terms of canon stuff, the trailer is framed by Han being recruited by the Empire. This matches up with aspects of legends canon where Han was an Imperial pilot and went rogue after he refused to hurt Wookiee slaves.

Han and the Falcon


The new trailer is mostly just glimpses of the new characters played by Emilia Clarke and Woody Harrelson. There’s only one shot of Donald Glover as Lando, but he looks like he might steal the show. We also don’t see the Kessel Run or Boba Fett.

Donald Glover as Lando


One slightly hilarious detail, that only hardcore fans will probably notice is just how shockingly clean the inside of the Millennium Falcon looks at this time. Which, makes sense. Han is destined to win the ship from Lando in high stakes game. Clearly, Lando was the neater and more fastidious of the two. So, when he asks Han “What have you done to my ship?” in The Empire Strikes Back, it looks like he mostly just means “how did this ship get so dirty?”

A very clean version of the inside of the Millennium Falcon.


This first teaser trailer is only 45-seconds long and is actually just a warm-up for the longer teaser which debuts on Good Morning America on Monday, February 5.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is out in wide release on May 25, 2018.

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