Supreme Court to CNN: Get Your GoPro Trash Out of Here

One poor intern brought down the wrath of the court.

Getty Images

Base Jumpers like GoPro. Firemen like GoPro. Red Bull loves GoPro. There are apparently not a lot of Red Bull drinkers on our nation’s highest court.

Walbert Castillo is a CNN intern assigned the dystopian future job of “runner,” forced to shunt court opinions back and forth from the building to CNN correspondent Ariene de Vogue lest he face the Carousel that is rumored to be Wolf Blitzer’s Green Room. The process is whispered about between CNN elites as “the running of the interns.” Unfortunately for Castillo, he forgot that he wearing a GoPro camera so he could also get footage for Chris Moody’s “Being Moody” video series. When court officials saw the camera — the judges bar recording devices from the press room to keep them from picking up audio of court decision — Castillo and his fellow interns were removed.

Politico reports that this simple misunderstanding occasioned a daylong rundown of apologies from media to court officials, a meeting of top editors, legal team consultations, and who knows what else to maintain the delicate ecosystem. No word yet on whether The Situation room has decided to process Castillo for “renewal” or whether the intern will indeed be allowed to live and grow old. They don’t call Mr. Blitzer “Wolf” for nothing.