The Morbid Physics Behind 'Star Trek' Transporters [Video]

Fans propose that teleportation might require voluntary suicide every single time.

by Inverse Video

One of the most beloved sci-fi franchises of all time may have just gotten a lot darker. A theory by fans proposes that every time a person uses the transporter to teleport, they die.

That’s right. All of the crew members aboard the Enterprise voluntarily kill themselves in order to go somewhere … relatively quickly. According to the theory, the transporter scans your body and dematerializes it, then transmits the data across space. A new body is then formed at the desired location. An instantaneous rebirth, basically. The question is, is the new body actually you? There could be thousands of Kirks by this theory, all of whom have died, except for the current one.

Others argue that the transporters also carry molecules, maintaining the original body, but either way, fans are definitely split. If the theory holds up, Star Trek is much more horrific than we originally thought.

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