Bill Nye Predicts Future of Vaping, Death, Teeth, and High-Fives

Rejoice all ye who vape.

by Inverse Video

In another installment of Future or Forgotten, Bill Nye comes to the Inverse office to try his hand at predicting the next 150 years of vaping, death, teeth, and high-fives.

There’s something about seeing Bill Nye hold a vape that really closes the loop on the gigantic meme that was 2017. Unfortunately for people who think vaping is kinda dumb, Bill Nye predicts that due to the addictiveness, they will still be around in some form. Death will similarly be inescapable.

If you were hoping to get out of brushing your teeth every night, Bill Nye has some bad news. He thinks teeth will still be around, though there is a chance dental technology will rise to meet the demand in low-effort tooth cleanery.

Finally, high-fives will make the jump to the future, though Nye didn’t seem that happy about it.

Make sure to catch Season 2 of Bill Nye Saves the World, available now on Netflix.