Jodie Whittaker's First 'Doctor Who' Scene is Explosive

The Doctor is officially a woman.


The Doctor Who Christmas special “Twice Upon a Time” hasn’t aired just yet in the United States, meaning American fans still have a few hours to wait before they see Peter Capaldi’s final adventure as the 12th Doctor.

But the episode has aired in the United Kingdom, and the BBC has obligingly already released one all-important clip: Jodie Whittaker’s debut scene as the show’s first ever female incarnation of the Doctor.

Inverse will have a full review of “Twice Upon a Time” available later tonight once the BBC America airing is finished, but for those who like to unwrap a present early, well, have at it. If you want to skip ahead and meet the 13th Doctor, here’s your chance.

Obviously, this is a chance to see the final few moments of the Christmas special before anything else, so those of the more spoiler-phobic variety are advised to tread carefully. If you just want to save Capaldi’s half of the scene for later and just see Whittaker’s first few moments, you’ll want to skip ahead to around the 3:20 mark on the video below.

As far as actual lines of dialogue go, this is the shortest of any new series Doctor introduction, with Whittaker saying just two words in her debut: “Oh, brilliant!” Only the War Doctor’s terse “Doctor no more” at the end of the “Night of the Doctor” mini-episode can compete for post-regenerative brevity.

Of course, when the Doctor is saying that in reaction to seeing her new face, perhaps that’s all that has to be said. Besides, two words is enough to hear that Whittaker does appear to be keeping her native northern English accent from Huddersfield in West Yorkshire. As her predecessor the 9th Doctor would say, lots of planets have a north.

This also marks the very first scene of Chris Chibnall’s tenure as showrunner. Like with Matt Smith’s debut as the 11th Doctor in “The End of Time: Part Two,” outgoing showrunner Russell T. Davies handed off the final minute’s worth of writing duties to Steven Moffat so he could have full control over the introduction of the new Doctor. In that case, Moffat gave the 11th Doctor by far the most sustained introduction of the new series Doctor’s, with a lengthy scene of Smith talking to himself as the TARDIS crashed.

For the 13th Doctor, the show takes a different approach, with the scene featuring one of the very rare instances of filming from the Doctor’s perspective as she gets used to her new surroundings. Much like the 11th and 12th Doctor’s regenerations, the TARDIS promptly goes berserk, though this time things look even worse than in those cases, as the new Doctor falls out of a TARDIS as it is engulfed in flames. It looks like she’s falling to Earth, and here’s a guess she’s plummeting toward modern-day Britain — but we’ll just have to wait for series 10 to pick things up.

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