Will Sex Robots Replace Humans?

Experts say that it's not a matter of if it will happen, but when.

by Inverse Video

The future of human sex may not be with humans at all. Sex robot technology is advancing at such a rate that experts believe human companions may become obsolete by 2050.

Innovations in the robotics industry are pushing us closer and closer to robotic sex that can compare to or even surpass sex with humans. Tech companies such as Arlan Robotics and Abyss Creations have already invented technology that attempts to bridge the gap between human and robot sex. A combination of realistic rubber flesh (known as Frubber) and advancements in artificial intelligence are making this sci-fi concept a reality. It doesn’t stop there, though. Other technology includes fellatio-specialized droids, synchronized orgasms, self-warming genitals, auto-lubricating vaginas… what CAN’T they do?

Currently, sex robots won’t fit in most of our budgets. Roxxxy, a fully-functioning sex robot on the market, is currently listed at $9,995. However, futurist Ian Pearson believes that by 2050, half of the world’s population will have reasonable access to a robot companion. Until then, we always have dreams of West World.