The ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘It’ Kid Is Starring in Another Horror Movie

Is Finn Wolfhard the new face of horror?

New Line Cinema

Stranger Things fans who were delighted to see one of the young stars of the Netflix series appear in the blockbuster adaptation of Stephen King’s It will be thrilled to hear that Finn Wolfhard has been cast in another upcoming horror movie called The Turning.

Variety broke the news on Thursday, writing that the 14-year-old actor will play an orphan in the upcoming film, which is based on a classic horror novella titled The Turn of the Screw. Not much else is known about Wolfhard’s role at this time, but it’s clear that he’s Stranger Things’s breakout star (although Millie Bobby Brown is certainly a contender for that title).

If It was hailed as a classic horror story, then The Turn of the Screw is downright foundational. The 1898 story was originally serialized in Collier’s Weekly, and it’s a deftly written haunted house story. In it, an unnamed young governess has been hired to look after and teach a young boy and girl at a sprawling gothic mansion. Something is off, though, and soon the governess starts to see two figures, and she becomes convinced that they are ghosts who are out to get the children.

As the story builds to its tragic conclusion, readers are left wondering if there is actually anything supernatural at work, or if it’s all in the governesses head? This ambiguity is maybe the scariest part of an expertly written horror story, and The Turn of the Screw became a popular text for literary critics who subscribe to New Criticism to study.

It’s unclear if The Turning, the film adaptation starring Wolfhard and directed by Floria Sigismondi, will be able to capture that same uncertainty. Given that Wolfhard is described as “an orphan,” something he wasn’t in the original story, some changes are already being made.

There’s no release date for The Turning yet, but production is expected to start early next year.


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