'Last Jedi' Doesn't Care About Your Kylo Ren Backstory Questions

Who are the Knights of Ren? If you want to know, tough luck. Star Wars: The Last Jedi might not answer your burning Kylo questions. Like, at all.

On Wednesday, Screenrant published a quote from Kylo Ren actor Adam Driver in which the actor admitted that some mysteries from The Force Awakens will be addressed, while others just won’t be. “There’s a lot of those things that will never be revealed and there’s no plans to. There are things that I think about that, for me, is what makes it kind of more fun in the playing of them, you know?”

Screenrant writer Chris Agar also wrote: “Driver has attempted to fill in the gaps himself, imagining Ben as a neglected child growing up in arguably the galaxy’s most legendary family, but this hasn’t been confirmed as canon yet,” which seems to cement the idea that The Last Jedi will reconcile past events to a point. Obviously, in a week and a day, fans will know what all these cryptic hints mean, but there is something worrying when the cast and director are on fan expectation patrol. Back in August, director Rian Johnson said Snoke’s background and Rey’s parentage weren’t that big of a deal either. “Similar to Rey’s parentage, Snoke is here to serve a function in the story. And a story is not a Wikipedia page.”

Luke reacts to all the stuff fans want to know...slipping between the cracks.

Johnson has a point, but there is something odd in all the protest about what plot responsibilities The Last Jedi does and doesn’t have. The Force Awakens set up a lot of very specific questions, which sort of implies those questions ought to be at least addressed. If Driver and Johnson think we don’t need to know where Kylo Ren got his lightsaber from, they’re probably right. But, it would be nice to know a little bit more about who whoother Knights of Ren are, seeing as that’s where Kylo got his new name. Andthose dudes were very prominent in a very chilling flashback sequence witnessed by Rey.

Who are these guys? (Please stop asking.)

Then again, maybe this is all a smokescreen. Maybe comments like this from Johnson and Driver are a “doth protest too much” situation, and The Last Jedi will end up explaining fucking everything. Which, would be a genius move on everyone’s part in these interviews. Just prep all these Star Wars fans to have low expectations, tell them they won’t get their questions answered, and then BOOM, blow their minds.

Could the cast and crew of The Last Jedi be pulling a Jedi mind trick on all of us? Here’s hoping…

Star Wars: The Last Jedi premieres in theaters on December 15. Check out all of Inverse’s coverage on the film right here.

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