Mark Watney's Twitter Account Is Also Stranded on Mars

The sad tale of 'The Martian' and missives sent into the void.

In the same spirit of many a fictional character, Mark Watney of Andy Weir’s The Martian — soon to be portrayed by Matt Damon — has a Twitter account. However, the account seems to be as stranded in space as Watney himself. Mark last tweeted in May of 2014. Will he tweet again?

The self-published bestseller is an old fashioned survival narrative of man versus wild, only, in this case, the wild is the cracked red landscape of Mars.

In another instance of art imitating life, just as Watney’s fellow astronauts left him stranded on Mars, his Twitter followers appear to have forsaken him. At last count, he had seven. None of them were NASA, which — of course — Watney follows.

Is Twitter lonelier than Mars? It’s about even.

But will some studio exec save this account? Will NASA? Who will save the fake, fake astronaut? Who will save those left behind in un-retweeted irrelevancy?

Well, we’re rooting for this account and for Matt Damon, who seems like a decent guy and a nice fit for the lead in the space opera version of Home Alone.

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