Why the Resistance or Rebels Maybe Created Snoke in 'The Last Jedi' 

Why does Supreme Leader Snoke hate the Resistance so much? According to Last Jedi director Rian Johsnon and actor Andy Serkis, Snoke suffered a serious injury in his past and he blames it all on the Resistance. Or could it be the Rebel Alliance?

On Wednesday, Entertainment Weekly continued their preview coverage of The Last Jedi, with a new feature specifically about Snoke. “He has suffered and he has suffered injury,” Andy Serkis told EW. “The way that his malevolence comes out is in reaction to that. His hatred of the Resistance is fueled by what’s happened to him personally.”

As EW writer Anthony Breznican is quick to point out, there’s no guarantee that The Last Jedi will necessarily delineate the specifics of the hows and the whys of Snoke’s injury. Director Rian Johnson cites a corollary with the original trilogy saying “For example, in the original trilogy, we didn’t know anything about the Emperor except exactly what we needed to know, which is what Luke knew about him, that he’s the evil guy behind Vader.” Johnson clarifies that the prequels told us “everything” about Snoke, because that was the point of the prequels. All of this seems to suggest that, as previously thought, The Last Jedi won’t actually tell us what happened with Snoke before The Force Awakens.

Still, Serkis’s comments are suggestive in one interesting way. If Snoke blames the Resistance for the injuries that disfigured him, it stands to reason that it wasn’t actually the Resistance itself that hurt him. Seemingly, the Resistance is a fairly new organization at the time of The Force Awakens, rising up to resist The First Order. But if Snoke started the First Order, perhaps he was wounded by the Rebel Alliance and transferred his hatred to the Resistance.

Because if Snoke has a history with the Rebellion, his interest in Ben Solo would start to make sense. It would also explain why Han and Leia are aware of who Snoke is in The Force Awakens. Hell, who knows, maybe Han and Leia were personally responsible for blowing something up on a planet that gave Snoke his injuries. And if that’s the case, Snoke’s motivation becomes perpetual revenge, and his reign of terror, partially their fault.

The Last Jedi is out everyone on December 15.

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