Watch the Hilarious Moment a Bus Ruins Building Demolition Video


Weather Channel/YouTube

As the saying goes, you wait ages for a bus and then two come along. Or in the case of Weather Channel reporters on Monday, you wait ages for a controlled demolition and a bus gets in your way. Camera crew in Atlanta, Georgia, sat patiently livestreaming the Georgia Dome’s implosion for around 40 minutes, when just as the big moment arrived, a Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority bus made a surprise appearance on the road in between.

“No bus, get out of the way! Bus! Get out of the way bus!” the camera crew says as the picture-perfect moment is ruined at the split second when the building comes crashing down.

The Georgia Dome was a mainstay of the city for the past 25 years, hosting the Falcons for 256 games, alongside such major events as the Super Bowl XXVIII and the 1996 Olympic Games. It’s fair to say the stadium was pretty iconic.

“It’s going to be a sad day,” Ken Jefferson, an employee at the dome, told MyAJC.

Watch this iconic moment get ruined below:

In the space of 12 seconds, over 300 pounds of explosives and 4,500 pounds of dynamite collapsed the structure, with the replacement Mercedes-Benz Stadium standing 80 feet away without a scratch.

Although the shot was ruined at the last minute, some users on Twitter thought it was great.

“I want to see more comedy shows like this on The Weather Channel,” said Twitter user Kyra Oser.

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