'Star Wars: Last Jedi' Spoilers: Luke Skywalker Screams at Rey

As Rey reaches out to the greater world around her and attempts to connect with the Force with Luke Skywalker’s help, she finds something she wasn’t anticipating. A new trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi shows just how much her incredible power scares Luke — he screams at her.

The mild-mannered farmboy turned Jedi master [Star Wars](/topic/star-wars) fans grew to love throughout the original trilogy has been through a lot, so it’s understandable that he might have gone through some character changes since we last saw him. Apparently, Luke’s hardships have been so intensive that he’s actually turned a bit persnickety in his old age. In the latest Last Jedi teaser, “Choose Your Path,” Luke is seen actually yelling at his new pupil Rey during what looks to be a meditation session.

As Luke asks Rey what she sees in the Force, she says, “Light, darkness, and something else… It’s calling me.” Her voice quavers on the last line and Luke begs her to “resist it.”

It seems Rey has some issues resisting whatever this other force is — supposedly, it has something to do with Supreme Leaders Snoke if the editing of the trailer is to be believed — and Luke loses his patience, screaming her name to jog her out of the vision.


Moments later in a connecting trailer, Finn jolts awake in a bacta tank, yelling out Rey’s name in a similarly panicked way to Luke. It’s unclear what’s got Finn so riled up, though it’s probably just because the last thing Finn remembers is him and Rey going up against Kylo Ren. Rather than his own safety, Finn immediately thinks of Rey’s.

Poe jumps into the ring to calm Finn down and fill him in on things, but Finn’s still focused on Rey, asking Poe where she is. Of course, Rey is off training with Luke Skywalker, which means Finn will end up joining Rose Tico on a mission for the Resistance. We don’t know too many details yet about what that will entail, but we do know that audiences will get to see a side of the Star Wars universe they never have before.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi premieres in theaters on December 15.

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