‘Rampage’ First Trailer: The Rock Really Loves His Albino Gorilla

"What's happening to my friend?"

What would you do to save your true love, an albino gorilla-turned-monster named George? The first official trailer for Rampage, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Naomie Harris, is just as gloriously ridiculous as you want it to be. There’s no way you aren’t hyped about this movie.

Not only does Rampage premiere in theaters on May 20 (4/20), but Johnson, perhaps in his most relatable role of all time, will portray Davis Okoye, a man who likes animals way more than people. His best friend in the world is George, an albino gorilla he rescued as a 2-year-old and who’s now full-grown.

The new trailer, which premiered Thursday, shows that George becomes victim to a supposedly accidental “genetic editing” test in the form of some weird, rocket-fueled green gas. Davis, terrified about “what’s happening to my friend,” takes on the responsibility of putting George down when his growth rate accelerates and George escapes to terrorize Chicago.

Much like the classic video game of the same name that Rampage is based on, George will be joined by his two new best friends, an apocalyptic-looking “30-foot wolf” and a “giant crocodile” with teeth as long as semi trucks, also supposed victims of genetic editing.

Who is she?

Rampage is, uh, obviously taking some liberties with the original video game. The game was a simple affair, whereas this movie wants to turn a basic arcade game into a thrilling, 2-hour action movie with giant mutated CGI animals. Fair enough.

Will George and Davis be reunited so that their love story can continue? Will George be returned to his original size? Or will Davis take George and George’s new animal friends back home and teach them that chew toys are much more fun to play with than skyscrapers?

Rampage premieres in theaters on May 20, 2018.

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