Here Are Goodyear's Spherical Tires for Self-Driving Cars

The future of driving isn't flying cars.

by Inverse Video

From seat belts to airbags, to onboard computers and Bluetooth stereo systems, cars have changed a lot since Henry Ford rolled out the Model T in 1908.

But one aspect that, besides a few modifications, has remained relatively unchanged is the tires. It makes sense; we give a lot of credit to the early humans who invented the wheel and often cite it as the invention that brought us out of the Stone Age. “We don’t need to re-invent the wheel” is a common saying in boardrooms and during brainstorming sessions, but maybe we do.

Goodyear’s spherical tire prototype, the Eagle 360, could be the missing link to making self-driving cars a reality. Not to mention, it’s a lot safer, and it’s not just the shape of the tire. The Eagle 360’s outer skin is covered with sensors that are constantly sending information back to the car. Yup, it’s a smart tire.

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