Gal Gadot Will Quit 'Wonder Woman' If Producer Brett Ratner Stays

'Wonder Woman' producer Brett Ratner has been accused of sexual assault.

Getty Images / Frazer Harrison

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot believes the victims of accused sexual assault. As reported by Page Six on Saturday, Gadot has said she will leave the iconic role of Diana Prince behind if producer Brett Ratner, a Wonder Woman producer, works on the Wonder Woman sequel. Gadot’s decision comes in the wake of the Los Angeles Times’ November 1 report, which brought forward six women’s allegations of sexual assault and misconduct against Ratner.

On November 2, the day after these allegations came to light, Warner Bros. “severed ties” with Ratner; the company removed Ratner as a producer on its upcoming project, The Goldfinch, though Ratner’s extended future at Warner Bros. seemed up in the air, as he was stepping away “until these personal issues are resolved.”

Gadot, who said she would not star in the Wonder Woman sequel if Ratner is involved in any way, seems to be taking steps to ensure Ratner has no chance of returning to Warner Bros. The first Wonder Woman was a box office behemoth, raking in over $821 million worldwide and breathing new life into Warner Bros.’ DCEU franchise. Gadot also stands at the forefront of the upcoming Justice League, which premieres in theaters November 17.

The allegations against Ratner are part of a larger trend in Hollywood as alleged victims of sexual assault come forward to speak about their experiences. The floodgates opened with The New York Times’ October 5 report on producer Harvey Weinstein. Since then, Hollywood executives and stars alike have been publicly accused of misconduct, assault, and even rape. The growing list includes Weinstein, Ratner, actor Kevin Spacey, comedian Louis C.K., director James Toback, and, most recently, Star Trek star George Takei.

While Warner Bros. has not indicated any plans to bring Ratner back on to any of its projects, including the Wonder Woman sequel, Gadot has clearly drawn a line in the sand. As of right now, Gadot is still signed on to portray Diana in the highly anticipated sequel.

Update: Business Insider reported on Monday that a Warner Bros. “spokesperson” “vehemently denied” that Gadot had made such a statement but provided no other information.

“It’s false,” he said.

Gadot has yet to make a statement regarding the story or its validity.

The Wonder Woman sequel is set to premiere in theaters on December 13, 2019.

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