Star Trek Transporters Are Death Machines 

You should probably stick to the shuttlecraft.

by Inverse Video

It’s hard to catch a break while traveling. Public transportation is gross, rush hour traffic is an insanity-inducing nightmare, airports are Cinnabon-scented hell-holes and walking … just sucks. All this makes the idea of traveling across thousands of miles in a few seconds – without having to take your shoes off and getting a pat down – very appealing. But are the transporters in Star Trek worth the risk? One theory suggests that not only do they pose a physical threat, but also could cause a complete existential meltdown. The theory states that, when transported, your DNA is mapped and recorded and what appears on the other end is a reconstruction and not the original ‘you’ that instructed Scotty to beam you up. Honestly, if it means you don’t have to worry about the drunk guy beside you on the subway using your shoulder as a pillow, take the risk.